Organic and Natural Ingredients for Skin Care

Are you wondering how organic products or inorganic products would make a difference to our skincare?

If we reflect on our ancient times, we would recall that the people used to leave to use all the natural ingredients to take care of the skin.

This means these ingredients have something unique to safeguard the skin and keep it natural and radiant. The essential oils present in these products make their value high.

What does organic mean?

The organic word has the literal meaning, which elaborates that the products or the material is derived from the living organisms without any chemical or any other artificial ingredient.

Let’s enhance our knowledge by reading for the best natural and organic products for skin care.

Beta carotene:

The skin can get damaged with exposure to the sun on an everyday basis. This ingredient is highly beneficial to protect our skin from this kind of damage.

We can use them daily by saying yes to all-natural fruits and vegetables: yellow, red, orange fruits, and vegetables are the high source.

Consuming this Beta carotene, our body converts the essence of this ingredient into vitamin A, and this vitamin A is essential to improve and safeguard our skin. Also, it is instrumental as the antioxidant, which makes it best.

The green tea extract:

It has an essential ingredient that is the most potent ingredient to prevent our skin and reverse UV damages from the sun rays.

Besides this, green tea also helps prevent skin from skin cancer because of the polyphenols in it. The green tea extracts safeguards from premature ageing and also makes the dull skin look better and healthier.


This is an ancient herb that is very helpful to soothe and hydrate skin. A potent antioxidant of this natural Ingredient helps treat and fade the dark spots or sunburn and acne breakout. It is a miraculous herb for oily skin people.


Oats is a natural ingredient rich in minerals and vitamins and helps keep the skin hydrated by making a layer on the skin surface.

It also moisturizes and improves the roughness and dryness of the skin. It is compelling to treat skin with acne, eczema, psoriasis, and if anyone has sensitive skin, it is beneficial. Oats are a natural cleanser and it makes skin so soft as baby skin.

Vitamin C:

As we know that vitamin ‘C’ is the best treatment to treat the common cold, but it is very effective for the skin.

It guards the skin against getting damaged by free radicals and harmful rays of the sun.

It is also the best treatment to lighten your skin’s tone and remove the brown spots and hyperpigmentation from the skin. Lemons and oranges are the rich natural source of Vitamin C and you can use them in your natural skin care routine.

Witch hazel:

It is the best home remedy for many years and centuries and treats wounds, swellings, and sores.

It has the medicinal properties to treat inflammation irritation and reduce itching and prevent the skin from spreading cancer.

Aloe vera:

It is a plant rich in vitamins like B1, B2, B6, and C and has much more excellent to remove stretch marks and treat all the insect bites and itching. Its watery nature provides the cooling effect to our skin from the sunburnt and other things. It is also beneficial for hair health.

Tea-tree oil:

The essential oil derived from the tree is a miracle for the treatment of acne, acne scars, and blemishes naturally. This can also be applied directly over the area of skin to have immediate effects.

Avocado oil:

Avocado provides the best treatment for the skin disease named Bulwer-Lytton calendar. It has vitamins like B1, B2, B12, D, and E and many fatty acids, which can treat the diseases.

Bentonite clay:

It is one of the most helpful clays, which provides potent effects on the skin’s health and provides a guard against UV rays. Majorly it is used in lotions, and it quickly absorbs in the skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

It is also called ACV- this is a tremendous inflammatory reliever and works wonders on fungal infections. It also brightens the skin, helps control oil production, and hence reduces acne occurrence.


It is the most easily found product and people can use it in a variety of things. The triglycerides present in coconut are beneficial acids for our skin; it has a very high amount of tennis, flavonoids, phenols, steroid, alkaloid, and many more. The most popular and very effective skincare treatment helps treat diseases like dermatitis, skin eczema, psoriasis, and potent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

What is the salve?

Salve is a combination of preparation from wax oil and solid, valuable material used on topical application to heal the skin. It can be in the form of ointments, balm, or cream, but it has a thick base.

Many times bee-wax is used because it is the most potent binder to bind many things together. Salve can be used to treat chapped skin, diaper rashes, sunburns, cuts and scrapes, eczema, dry skin, and many more.

What are organic and all-natural ingredient soaps?

The soap we regularly use is not suitable as they contain some chemicals that mix to make them hard and produce more foam. They have only fragrances of various types, and no organic ingredients are used.

The organic soaps are a combination of natural ingredients like licorice, coconut oil, avocado oil, turmeric, and many other valuable components. These actually work wonders on the skin, maintain soft and hydrated youthful skin.

How to have natural skincare?

One can have a natural brightening skin by utilizing the ingredients mentioned earlier in their daily routine. These organic ingredients are having no side effects and provide a natural glow and elasticity to the skin.

The best way is to use a natural face cleanser to clean the skin and then apply a natural skin lotion to safeguard it from external pollutants. With the latest flashlight information shared here, let us see how the chemical affects our skin:

The chemical-infused products are harmful to the tropical skin and the lower level of the skin. It can make the skin feel irritation, dry, feel itching with redness, bumps on the skin, swelling, etc.

It ultimately results in dry and dull loose skin.

What chemicals shall be avoided while choosing a skincare product?

Most skincare and cosmetic products have some or other chemicals that are not suitable for the skin. We have tried to mention a few below so that you can avoid them while making a wise choice.

Parabens are usually used as a preservative in personal care products sold like shampoos, moisturizers, and foundation, but they are not safe to use.

Sulfates – Again, it is a most potent harmful product present mainly in cleansers and toothpaste and because it helps create more form. The extended sulfate usage makes your skin irritating, dull, dry, and probably look very aged.

PEG’ – Polyethylene glycols compounds are used in cosmetics to make them thick and soft. So prolonged use can also cause irritation toxicity and reduce the water level of the skin making skin look dull and aged.

Fragrance -The fragrance is though aromatic but has few harmful toxic chemicals. When you enjoy the lovely scent, many chemicals get inhaled directly or indirectly. Those in love with fragrance never use deodorants and sprays but use unique natural infused fragrances.


It is a flammable gas that is colourless. Primary used as preservatives in cosmetics like makeup, nail polish, deodorants, and lotions. Such products can root-up watery eyes, difficulty breathing, irritation in the skin, and some burning sensation.

We hope that the information shared above would enlighten you, and you can switch to natural and healthy ways to skincare and follow religiously.