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About Us

We began our journey as Customers of 6 years ago and started our holistic lifestyle with their Hemp products.

The experience has been life changing. Over time, we’ve expanded our Organic and All Natural consumption to every aspect of our lives. We do not consume nor use synthetics, artificial ingredient products, artificial foods and or anything within our control. This is a very difficult process however the reward outweighs the time, stress and cost of this lifestyle.

We plan to grow Organics.Express and offer a diverse selection of products from trusted and partnered sources. Our vetting process is all-encompassing covering issues related to the needs of our lifestyle. What we offer on our site, we use.

The lifestyle of organic and natural foods doesn’t end at what we consume, sustainability as a whole is our ultimate goal. We also use products that are “green” and “renewed” extending the original carbon footprint as far as possible. For example, we use refurbished computers which are technically “carbon neutral” that would otherwise have become recycled materials or landfill. These systems are in line with our needs and provide a renewed technology option for continued use.

Please enjoy our offerings.

All Products Made in the USA

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